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I am an 80 year old white retired engineer.
Starting about 2001, I began taking drugs from my family doctor to correct my high blood pressure. They were successful in lowering it. I had been on 4 different drugs to help with this problem.
In 2011, I met Carol for acupuncture treatment and decided that it was a long time to be on these  drugs and was concerned about the long term effects of these drugs and that I should try natural or herbal treatments instead.
Some of the side effects that I noticed from these drugs were swelling (edema) of my ankles and lower leg, and concern about my kidney function
Carol started me on natural product (CardioNase). It took a few months to correct but my blood pressure is now normal. My edema has disappeared and my kidney function also is much improved.
With acupuncture, herbs and licensed natural health products (CoQ10-SO), she has also greatly improved the arthritic condition of my right knee.
No more western medication and no more side effects. I do not hesitate to recommend this type of treatment.
D. Waller,
Carol, I am sending this note to tell you how much I appreciate the health services that you have recommended to me over the past eight months, especially regarding the control of my blood pressure. As you will recall on our first consultation I had mentioned that I had an erratic blood pressure as diagnosed by my physician. He had prescribed that I take COVERSYL PLUS HD. I had been doing that for one year. You had recommended that I change my medication to CardioNase taken one capsule three times a day. My condition has improved , my heart rate is now normal and has been for four months. I have been slowly reducing the medication based on your recommendation and only take two per day now and I am looking forward to not having to take any. Thank you again for the services that you provided for me.
C. LeDrew,